Indigenous Success Stories series 1

Published on 25 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

Do you know any indigenous people with a compelling story to share?
Imagine being born with club feet, deaf in both ears, and borderline retardation. Being taken out of your home by a social service agency, and brought to residential school only to be rejected by them, because of your deficits. You get driven to the local courthouse to be made a ward of the courts, in turn, the court hand you back to the social service agency. You get placed into the foster care system and brought to the only foster family you remember, Williams. Just picture not being able to walk, so you get carried up the front steps of the Williams home.
Imagine getting hit and yelled at all the time, because that is what went on in the Williams home. What would you do if you got kicked out of your home at the age of 13 years old because that is what happened to me? Then your social worker could not find another foster home for you, and after she talked with her supervisor, they came up with putting you on independent living, at the age of 13. Imagine the horror, frustration, and anger you felt. The question that lingered in the back of my mind is this, "Why was I not returned to my family".
Envision this, two weeks after being on my own, I was kidnapped, raped, almost killed, and left for dead up in the mountains, stark naked. Now ask yourself this, how would you forgive and let go of all that was done to you in your life. Thankfully, I have learned to do this, and today I am a filmmaker. I am focusing on the self-reliance and independence of the indigenous people by creating documentary films that highlight students and professionals. So far, I interviewed an indigenous artist who is a carver, and he also teaches young people to carve.
Do you see yourself being involved in this project!

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Billy George Williams
Billy George Williams 2 months ago

Great promo

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